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Looking for the perfect combo? Look no further.

This Tan & Tone deal will keep your glow going for a while.

1x Tan & Tone Oil - NEW Skinny Tan Oil is the hydrating, quick, and easy way to a streak-free tan that looks so natural no-one will ever know you are faking it. No orange, no streaking, and no nasty smell. Skinny Tan Oil is made from over 90% naturally derived ingredients. It applies smoothly in seconds with a silky finish and an instant bronze glow that then develops into a long-lasting natural colour that lasts and lasts.  No need to rinse! 

7 Day Tanner Dark- A salon-quality, self-tanner that instantly bronzes the skin, then develops into a deep gorgeous golden brown that lasts for up to 7 days! The 7 Day Tanner includes naturally derived actives that work with your skin to create a natural-looking tan that should never dry or irritate even sensitive skin. The thick body butter in ‘guide colour’ is easy to apply and never streaks. No fishy fake chemical smell - Skinny Tan is scented like a natural tropical breeze! Skinny Tan is not tested on animals, is Paraben free.


Instant Tanner -  is a 24 Hour Bronzer and is the perfect makeup for those who want to appear tanned in an instant but want to wash the tan away after a night out. This product contains no active tanners so it will not actually give you a lasting tan and should be used like makeup suitable for both face and body. It does contain beautiful moisturisers and Guarana to help give that toning effect.

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