5. Skinny Tan 24 Hour Bronzer

R 320.00

Our 24 Hour Bronzer is the perfect make up for those who want to appear tanned in an instant but want to wash the tan away after a night out. This product contains no active tanners so it will not actually give you a lasting tan and should be used like makeup suitable for both face and body. It does contain beautiful moisturisers and Gurana to help give that toning effect.

How to use Skinny Tan 24 Hour Bronzer:

  • Using the instant bronzer as a guide colour, apply Skinny Tan 24 Hour Bronzer on any part of your body you wish to look tanned.
  • Application is similar to body or facial base.
  • Take care not to swim or perspire as you would take care of any cosmetic make-up.
  • Skinny Tan 24 Hour Bronzer showers away after your event and leaves no lasting tan.
  • Use Skinny Tan 24 Hour Bronzer when you desire a cosmetic tan which does not leave a lasting effect. Skinny Tan 24 Hour Bronzer also tones and firm up your skin.